Enhance Project Funding

Ideas Connect can assist with improving the quality of funding bids, including for bids under the following Australian Government programs:

  • Cooperative Research Centres Program
  • Education Investment Fund
  • Commercialisation Australia

In particular, Ideas Connect can advise on important considerations at key points of the application process, and can review draft applications to identify areas where they can be enhanced to boost their competitiveness.

Ideas Connect also has expertise in project managing research funding rounds.

Examples of past projects

  • Engaged by a State Government to review draft CRC applications and provide feedback to applicants on how they could improve the quality of their funding bids.  In the 2006 and 2009 CRC selection rounds, applicants whose bids were reviewed in this way were subsequently awarded a total of over $250 million in funding.
  • Engaged by a university to assist with the development of a funding application under the Sustainability Round of the Education Investment Fund. That application has been shortlisted.
  • Engaged by an early-stage company to assist with the preparation of an application for Commercialisation Australia funding for sustainability-related services.
  • Project managed the inaugural funding round of the National Institute of Complementary Medicine’s Collaborative Centre program.

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